Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Quality Hamilton Casters

There's no substitute for quality. Hamilton Casters has been ranked #1 in quality in two consumer perception studies, managed by leading industry publications.  Hamilton Casters achieved higher scores than other caster manufacturers in all five critical quality categories.

Many caster manufacturers advertise their toughness and durability, but Hamilton Casters backs up its casters and wheels with a three-year, no fine print warranty.  If a caster or wheel doesn't work because of manufacturing defects, they will replace it with no questions asked.  You can count on the reliability of Hamilton Casters.

Hamilton Casters is also a fourth-generation family-owned and managed business where they've levered their long history of design and manufacturing excellence to build the toughest casters on the market. Modern improvements to the design, such as new swivel technology with HPI and new polyurethane materials, has led to a superior product

Choosing the Right Casters

When you're choosing a model made by Hamilton Casters to do a specific job, make sure you remember to consider:

  • Rollability - Selecting a chair caster with high rollability is a smart choice to reduce stress on joints and prevent back injuries.
  • Capacity - When choosing casters for vehicles, be sure to add the weight of the cart, trailer, or AGV in addition to the weight of the load.
  • Effects On Floors - Poor floor conditions can cause caster wheels to fail, but caster wheels can have an impact on floors, too. Very hard wheels, such as cast iron or forged steel, roll easily and carry higher capacities than resilient tread wheels.

Decorative Caster Options to Meet Your Needs


When you're looking for casters, there is a wide variety of decorative casters for a varied range of applications that are designed to integrate seamlessly into the style of whichever stationary object you choose to make mobile.

Decorative casters can usually bear about 110 pounds of weight and are designed for manual speeds, making them ideal for utility carts, hospital equipment, retail equipment, office items, and other small to medium-sized units. A swivel caster with brake capabilities can be your ideal mobile solution for items that are only moved occasionally and that need to remain stationary for a period of time.

Access Casters Inc. is happy to provide many styles of decorative casters so that you can find the casters that will best suit your needs. Select from options such as rubber casters, swivel casters, single or twin wheels, and many more to suit your needs and style perfectly. These casters will look great while helping you stabilize and move objects with ease.

We carry caster types such as:

  • 3-Inch Swivel Casters With Polyurethane Wheels in Blue, Red, or Clear
  • 4-Inch Genesis Swivel Plate Caster Wheels with Brakes and Monotech Wheels
  • 1 1/2-Inch Grip Neck Twin Wheel Casters in Black with or without Brakes

Monday, September 21, 2020

Which Decorative Casters Do I Need?

Places like offices, medical centers, and retail stores can be busy. At the same time, these environments need to exude a specific look and feel to leave a favorable impression on workers and visitors alike. When shopping for new caster wheels, it may also pay to choose decorative casters. If you’re in the market to replace your casters, keep these recommendations in mind.

Always Put Safety and Functionality First

This first tip may feel like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating: always prioritize the safety of your workers and guests. Casters are designed to make moving equipment easier. As such, they should be easy to control while remaining stable on the ground.

If your equipment is in a high-traffic setting, consider a caster wheel set that is equipped with brakes. This ensures your equipment will remain stationary and won’t roll into other things or people. If you need to move something frequently, invest in swivel casters. They will make maneuvering around corners much easier.

It’s All About Style

After you have chosen the type of caster you need, then you can branch out and invest in aesthetics. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, caster wheels aren’t limited to drab blacks and grays. They can be painted in different colors. Materials like polyurethane allow for translucent wheels in different colors as well. Your options are virtually limitless, and some manufacturers might allow for custom orders.

The color you choose is entirely up to you. Select the style that best fits your office’s interior design or company branding.

Quality Hamilton Casters

There's no substitute for quality. H amilton C asters has been ranked #1 in quality in two consumer perception studies, managed by lead...